We are driven by Internationalization and new markets

Project N.º:  002039
Operation Code: POCI-02-0752-FEDER-002039
Project designation: MISTOLIN@NEWMARKETS

Brief Project description

MISTOLIN, S.A is dedicated to the development, production and marketing of liquid detergents, in two areas of activity: the domestic sector (business to consumer market) and the professional sector (business to business market). The company was set up in 1992, focusing initially in the production of hygiene and cleaning products for domestic use. The year of 1997 marks its entrance in the trading market, namely with bleaches, degreaser and   general purpose cleaners, for domestic market (B2C), giving rise to the range Mistolin Domestic.

In the year 2002 it was introduced a new corporate attitude and new strategic principles to implement a higher accuracy and management cohesion and higher professional expertise, resulting in a better global performance, recognized with the ISO 9001 certification. In 2004, MISTOLIN initiates a new commercial focus with the introduction of Mistolin Professional, and more in 2008 with Mistolin Services. In 2013 join over the counter buying legal testosterone cypionate online be the network PME Innovation COTEC and obtain the status of PME leader.

With the goal of been consider the best, hygiene and cleaning global solutions where to buy testosterone cypionate online at low company, in the world, the company intends to adopt a dynamic and innovated team  with differentiated products and diversifying the markets.

Based in 4 pillars (support the business, promote innovation, support the market approach and upgrade the skills of the employees) and considering the company vision, weaknesses, strengths, threats and opportunities the promoter defined the followed strategic objectives:

1. Increase turnover in about 40% ;

2. Balance the business lines in VN terms;

3. Increase the relative importance of export (35%);

4. Focus in I&D;

5. Reinforcing the I&I Partnerships.

In relation to the scope of the project application, the objectives focus in set presence in 9 new markets, with the launch of new products, maintaining the business relations with other 8 countries. The promoter intention is to increase the external market importance in the  turnover from 18.75% to 36.11% and lower the internal market importance from 81.25% to 63.89%,  reflecting an increase of about 3M€ in the International turnover.

The diversifying strategy to accomplish this objective is based in the adoption of the followed guidelines:

(i) Knowledge of the external markets (Fairs /Exhibitions), through fairs attendance in the target markets, namely in Mozambique, China e Holland;

(ii) Promoting measures among the distributors, retailers and sales locations in the target markets;

(iii) Prospection and presence in international markets, through caption voyages of new clients in the target markets;

(iv) International marketing through publicity actions, such as television, radio, outdoors and press;

(v) Introduction of a new organization method in commercial practices – SRM, Supply Relationship Management.