R&D PROJECT: washing efficiency and reduction of environmental impact!



Program: PT2020

Project Nº: 010954    Operation Code: POCI-01-0247-FEDER-010954

Warning: 16/SI/2015


Operational Program: PO CI Fund: FEDER

Thematic aim: OT1 – Strengthen research, technologic development and innovation

Investment Priority: PI 1.2 – Promote Company’s investment in R&D


 Project brief description

The population growth has increased, considerably, the impact in the environment, with significant changes in biodiversity, clime, drinking water access, etc. This worrying subject has been inspiring a trend in the research of new products, enabling them with a minor environmental impact. At the level of cleaning products the concern goes in several directions: contamination of aquatic environments with surfactants and sequestrants’ (complexing agents) existent in the formulations, in the quantity of plastic containers that  take several years to degrade. The market needs cleaning products more ecologic.

The present project propose the development of a innovative product that aim to solve several environmental problems related with cleaning products, in particular with dish washing products.

The aim is to develop an unique product, of high washing efficiency, to compete with leading market brands, leveraging a strong increase in the company exportations.

The extreme efficiency will be accompanied with a considerable reduction in the environmental impact that this type of products exercise, namely with the introduction of new sugar based bio surfactants, easily degradable, with the restructuring of general formulation, providing unique low environmental impact skills, through the incorporation of bio molecules sequestrants’(complexing agents) and thickening. Additionally the ultra efficiency and ultra concentration of the formula allow the use of much lower quantities of product in comparison with the actual use, taking to a reduction of plastic containers.

For such, the use of a micro dosing devise in the package, that will be unique in the market, will take the use of dish washing detergents to a new era.

To accomplish the present project, Mistolin will count with a qualified technical team and with the support of I&D services of a group of research scientists of Coimbra University (UC), recognised by their high knowledge in this area.



MISTOLIN, S.A., created in Aveiro in the year of 1992, dedicates itself to the development, manufacturing and marketing and trading liquid detergents. The undertaken activities are in two product areas: – Domestic sector, B2C market, modern distribution circuit and Professional sector, B2B market, customer direct commercialization circuit (industry or services) or indirect, through distribution deals.

This project intention is to develop an unique product, of high washing efficiency, through the introduction of new sugar based bio surfactants easily degradable and the incorporation of sequestrants’(complexing agents) and thickening bio molecules, avoiding the use of surfactants.

Based in the state of art, are proposed some new bio surfactants, even though without the necessary knowledge at the level of behaviour in formulation. These will be the project targets to accomplish the development of the first ecologic and ultra concentrated dish washer detergent.

In parallel with the study and use of bio surfactants, will be also target of his project the maximization of washing efficiency, having as purpose the use of lower product quantities and consequently the reduction of packages (concept of minimum quantity and ultra concentrated formulation). Additionally, the formulation will include mixtures of bio surfactants that should favour quick auto aggregation and low concentration, in parallel with the incorporation of dermatological hydrants, reducing the dermal irritation and increasing the dermal security.