Quality PoliciesCommitment to Quality

Integrated Policy of Mistolin, SA - PortugalQuality, Environment, Safety and Social Accountability

MISTOLIN, SA takes a competitive look at its present and future, strongly believing in the combination of optimism and a strong sense of responsibility, mobilizing the commitment of all in the sustained and sustainable development of its business.

The manufacture and commercialization of hygiene and cleaning products adapted to the needs of our customers and employees, with the desired quality and safety; the protection of the environment; the promotion of a culture of safety and health at work and the contribution to a fairer society are strategic objectives that must be continuously improved in the development of our activity in order to ensure the satisfaction of employees, customers, suppliers and all parties concerned.

To ensure compliance with these objectives, the following general principles are established:

• Commit to satisfying our customers, suppliers and all parties concerned by meeting their needs and expetations.
• Stimulate the demand and use of opportunities for business growth.
• Comply with the applicable legal requirements and other requirements that the organization subscribes, respecting the international instruments and their interpretations, namely the commitment to ISO 9001, SA 8000, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
• Promote the training and information of all employees and suppliers in order to, progressively, reinforce their individual and personal competences, to properly exercise their responsibilities and create conditions for the dynamics and enrichment of the organization.
• Promote the continuous improvement of the performance of the Integrated System of Quality, Environment, Safety and Social Responsibility.
• Periodically, evaluate the performance of the Integrated System, procedures and methods in place, through the establishment and review of objectives and targets.
• Identify, eliminate and minimize significant risks by adopting operational equipment and techniques compatible with the safety legislation and standards in place; Prevent injuries, damages and occupational diseases of employees, involving employees at all stages of the process so that each contributes to its effectiveness.
• Prevent pollution of the environment by directing our efforts towards the pursuit of greater environmental sustainability and minimizing the environmental impacts caused by ours activities, products and services, by rationalizing the consumption of natural resources and by properly managing the waste generated.
• Communicate this commitment to employees, suppliers, consumers, investors and other interested parties, in an open and transparent way.
• Comply with the principles of the International Labor Organization, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the 10 principles of the United Nations.

In order to fulfill the strategic objectives established, the company promotes a corporate culture, stimulates innovation and continuous improvement of products and services, environmental performance, safety conditions and social responsibility where the initiatives and activities that give shape to the company are consistent with the responsible and proactive behavior of employees and all interested parties.

Social Commitment of Mistolin, SA - PortugalSocial Accountability

Mistolin, SA and Mplastic recognize their responsibility in generating value for the community in which they operate and are committed to lead their business in an ethical, social and environmentally responsible way, with the following commitments:


Child Labour Mistolin, SA and Mplastic regard child labour as a totally reprehensible and inadmissible practice. Having as principle only hiring workers with a minimum age of 18.
Compulsory Labour Mistolin, SA and Mplastic regard the use of forced labour as a totally reprehensible and inadmissible practice, totally contrary to the Integrated Policy of the companies and applicable legislation. As a result, Mistolin, SA and Mplastic will not, for any reason, resort to forced labour with their employees. If, in case of the eventual illegal initiative of any collaborator, the existence of forced labor in Mistolin, SA and/or Mplastic is detected, the fact must be immediately communicated to the High Management for a consequent disciplinary proceeding and appropriate corrective action.
Health and Safety Mistolin, SA and Mplastic, within the scope of the Business Integrated System, have implemented and certified an Occupational Health and Safety Management system, according to OHSAS 18001, which seeks to continuously improve working conditions and the adoption of safe practices by employees.
Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Negotiation Mistolin, SA and Mplastic respect the right of employees to form and associate with unions of workers of their choice and to negotiate collectively. As a result, no employee may be discriminated against, if they choose to do so.
Discrimination Mistolin, SA and Mplastic do not tolerate any situation of discrimination, namely of race, social class, nationality, religion, sex, sexual orientation, political affiliation, age, or any other type. Discrimination is considered to be the inability of entities or persons to access a particular right or benefit due to characteristics that are not applicable to that fact. Mistolin, SA and Mplastic are committed not to adopt any practices that disrupt the right to non-discrimination of all their employees.
Disciplinary Practices Mistolin, SA and Mplastic do not allow or support the use of physical punishment, mental or physical coercion and verbal abuse with their employees.
Work schedule Mistolin, SA and Mplastic complie with the planned work schedule of the collective work convection. Extra work is remunerated and cannot exceed 12 hours per employee, per week.
Remuneration Mistolin, SA and Mplastic shall ensure that the salaries paid are sufficient for the basic needs of their employees, in accordance with the specific legislation in place.
Company Policy Mistolin, SA and Mplastic must comply with current legislation as well as all international regulations, and this commitment is in the Company Policy, accessible to all employees and extended to their suppliers and partners.

The Managers,

Sr. António Neto and  Dr. Óscar Neto