Productive innovation – OT3 – Strengthen the competitiveness of small and medium size enterprises



Project designation: Productive Innovation

Project Code: Centro-02-0853-FEDER-000581

Main purpose: OT 3 – Strengthen the competitiveness of Small and Medium-size enterprises

Intervention region: PO Centre

Beneficiary entity: Mistolin, SA

Date of approval: 01-10-2015

Starting date: 01-07-2015

Completion date: 30-06-2017

Total eligible cost: 2.817.500,00 EUR

Financial support from the European Union | FEDER: 1.972.250,00 EUR

The investment project concerns the operational areas of “Formulation”, “Filling” and “Storage”. Transversally to these operational areas, there is the need to promote process automation and ensure (guarantee) the quality of the product/service obtained.

Objectives and expected results:

It is considered that the project fits the typology “Product diversification of an institution (establishment)”, since  MISTOLIN will start producing products not produced before in the institution (establishment), as return (fruit) of its investment in R&D ( Research & Development) and in its innovation capacity, resulting in  more differentiated products for national and international markets.

Therefore, the present investment project comprehends the following strands (aspects):

– investment in machinery and equipments, endowing MISTOLIN of the necessary resources to place the new products in the market;
– investment in studies, necessary to the correct scaling (sizing) of the  manufacturing layout, endowing it of the necessary flexibility and adjustability  to the production of the products, in one side,  and for a new approach to the international markets,  via co-branding – “private brand”;
– investment in refurbishment works, necessary to the correct packaging, handling and installation of the previewed productive equipments.