Mistolin Company Qualification: Organisational Innovation and management & Digital Economy

Operation Code: POCI-02- 0853-FEDER- 002045
Designation: INDIVIDUAL PROJECTS – PME (small, medium size enterprises) qualification
Project designation: MISTOLIN@QUALIFICAÇÃO

Project Concise description

The enterprise MISTOLIN, S.A. is engaged in developing, manufacturing and trading liquid detergents. The undertaken activities are in two product areas: – Domestic sector, B2C market, modern distribution circuit and Professional sector, B2B market, customer direct commercialization circuit (industry or services) or indirect, through distribution deals. The present investment project aims MISTOLIN qualification to implement a strategy based in dynamic factors of competitiveness, sustaining the company commitment in a set of immaterial domains, necessary, female libido what is it how to raise female namely to increase sales and to the Company Internationalisation process. Contemplates two strands, organisational Innovation and management, and Digital Economy.