Case Study – Mistolin Degreaser



The image was restructured, communicating the product applications in a clearer and more objective way.
The packaging has been changed to polypropylene (PP), leaving the PVC.
This change allowed to upgrade the polymer used in production of the packaging to a new generation that’s less polluting
and increases some of the physical characteristics, such as strength and impact resistance.

In order to increase the product range, we created a Degreaser with a pleasant fragrance,
where the Classical Degreaser characteristic chemical odor was attenuated by a perfume. At the same time,
we created a disinfectant version that meets the market needs.

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[vu_service_item type=”image” image=”1077″ image_alingment=”top” title=”Challenge 1″ description=”Develop a new image for the product, without breaking the previous one” add_link=”” class=””]
[vu_service_item type=”image” image=”1078″ image_alingment=”top” title=”Challenge 2″ description=”Position the product and communicate it as a market leader” add_link=”” class=””]
[vu_service_item type=”image” image=”1079″ image_alingment=”top” title=”Challenge 3″ description=”Study new polymers for the packaging production- eliminate PVC (obsolete and polluting technology)” add_link=”” class=””]
[vu_service_item type=”image” image=”1075″ image_alingment=”top” title=”Challenge 4″ description=”Maintain packaging ergonomics” add_link=”” class=””]
[vu_service_item type=”image” image=”1080″ image_alingment=”top” title=”Challenge 5″ description=”Increase the product range with the development of the perfumed and disinfectant variants” add_link=”” class=””]
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[vu_service_item type=”image” image=”1100″ image_alingment=”top” title=”” description=”Pleasant scent, maintaining performance against heavy grease (Perfumed Degreaser)” add_link=”” class=”cor”]
[vu_service_item type=”image” image=”1104″ image_alingment=”top” title=”” description=”Better Performance” add_link=”” class=””]
[vu_service_item type=”image” image=”1105″ image_alingment=”top” title=”” description=”Competitive Price” add_link=”” class=””]
[vu_service_item type=”image” image=”1106″ image_alingment=”top” title=”” description=”Degreased and brighter surfaces” add_link=”” class=”cor”]
[vu_service_item type=”image” image=”1107″ image_alingment=”top” title=”” description=”Bactericidal effect, pleasant perfume and performance in one product (Perfumed Degreaser)” add_link=”” class=””]
[vu_service_item type=”image” image=”1108″ image_alingment=”top” title=”” description=”Product that ensures the elimination of bacteria, while effectively removing heavy grease (Desinfectant Degreaser)” add_link=”” class=””]
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